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LED Meteor Lights

Bright White Meteor Lights
(Set of 12 tubes)

Features of These Lights:

50cm long tubes
360 LED's in total
Distance from first to last drop: 3.3m
Distance between each drop: 30cm
Length of power cable: 1.3m

Australian Approved (SAA) Transformer

Our Meteor Lights are safe and fully
comply with Australian Standards

Our Plug and Transformer are SAA approved and IP44 rated.


If these lights are being used outdoors fully exposed to the weather it's possible
in some cases for water to enter the tubes during periods of heavy rain.

It's recommended to put a little 'silastic' or similar product around the top of each
tube (where the wires enter the tube). This will prevent any water ingress into the tubes.

If water does manage to get into the tubes - drill a small hole into the bottom of
the plastic tubes to let the water drain out and prevent possible damage to the
LED's. (there is no safety issue as it's on the low voltage side)

$69.00 $26.36 +GST

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